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Our Technology

Deployment Pipelines

Our cloud infrastructure-as-code approach can deliver software payloads to edge computing environments. Our deployment pipelines enforce technical rigor and cybersecurity requirements and enable continuous integration and monitoring of systems and data.

Interoperability Solutions

ZDEN's interoperability solutions can integrate mission-critical subsystems onto platforms. Keep platforms relevant by using our open architecture software to control comms, electronic warfare, or sensor subsystems. Our interoperability solutions help platforms understand data regardless of where it comes from. 

Edge Decision Aids

Operators who need to make life-or-death decisions may not have access to high capacity communications or computing environments. ZDEN's edge decision aids can be used to quickly analyze data and recommend actions in environments with low computing capacity. 

Reverse Engineering

Operational systems can have long service lives. Sustainers may not have access to subsystem data due to loss of knowledge or proprietary limitations. Reverse engineering can be used to model avionics subsystems to include in simulations or replicate functionality to address obsolescence. 

A Native Digital Technology Stack

ZDEN uses Model-Based Systems Engineering, machine learning, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure to iteratively build and evaluate capabilities. Work with us to understand the power of a company designed from the ground-up to leverage the full digital thread.

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