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A Digital, Integrated Mission Solutions Provider

Use a modern technology stack to rapidly integrate capabilities onto mission critical systems

Deliver capabilities at the speed of relevance

ZDEN provides mission system design, development, integration, and test. Leverage ZDEN's experience and technologies to close urgent end-user technology gaps. 


Use ZDEN continuous integration and deployment pipelines to field and monitor software-intensive systems at the edge.

Modeling and Sim

Provide first-time quality, iterative design, and a full digital thread with ZDEN's Model-Based Systems Engineering processes. 


Adapt modern technologies onto legacy systems with ZDEN's algorithms, data modeling, and modular open architectures.


ZDEN is a transparent, non-traditional mission partner that tailors solutions to meet customer needs.

Helping products across the technical "valley of death"

Fielding technologies onto military systems requires a deep understanding of government process and certification requirements. Innovative capabilities from startups and research labs often fail to field, even after receiving government funding for research and development. The industry calls this the "valley of death" for small businesses. ZDEN's technologies, processes, and pipelines will bake the right level of rigor into products and orchestrate their delivery to end users. 

ZDEN's founders each spent over a decade in acquisitions and avionics software engineering and have a proven record of delivering quality products. ZDEN's tech stack builds on its founder's doctoral research in artificial intelligence and expertise in open architectures to solve rampant interoperability issues. Contact ZDEN to discover solutions to your pressing integration problems. 

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